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bloc feuilles

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The boutique at Bellenaves

Local regional products, handicrafts, books, hiker's corner

For shorter tours, the association La Ferme d' Auvergne is works with producers working near Bellenaves. We operate on a sales depot principle and are always ready to study new partnership proposals.


La cave

Here we find the flagship products of the Bellevue wine producer (Meillard - Pétillat family) with its Saint-Pourçain red wines, a mix of Gamay and Pinot Noir, Saint-Pourçain white wines, made from Chardonnay, Tressallier, and Sauvignon; Les Bulles des Champs, a Traditional sparkling wine with poppy syrup and Couleur Framboise, adrink made from raspberries of the Allier valley soaked in white wine. € 5.60 € to 9


Bulle des Champs and Couleur Framboise are presented in lovely bottles and are often bought as gifts.


 • La Lubie Beer: organic craft beer, made in Montlucon. € 2


Sweet things

• Home-made jams

Jams from le Jardin d'Anne at Echassières: quince, four red fruits, apricot-almond, and also onion jam. € 2 to € 5

Confitures Christy at Voussac: figs, rhubarb, cinnamon apple, pear, and a range of saffron flavoured jams. € 4.10


• Jellies and syrups

Françoise Piegay , at Saulcet, regales us with his syrups and herbal jelly: nettle, poppy, meadowsweet, sage, elderberry, rose, verbena, peppermint... Each plant has one or more healing properties, which are detailed in a poster on site. € 3.80 € to 9€


• Honey and its derivatives

Mr. Bonjon, a producer of Varennes-sur-Allier, regularly supplies us with honey from forest flowers and acacia. Some other products derived from honey such as propolis soap, candles, vinegar and mead are also available.1 30 € to 10 €


Savoury things

• Oils and Vinegars of Blot l’Eglise

The traditional oil press at Blot l'Eglise has been working since 1857. In our shop we offer hazelnut oil, walnut oil and canola oil. You will also find vinegar made from cider, honey, raspberry and walnut. € 2.30 to € 7.80


• La Moutarde de Charroux

We offer traditional Charroux mustard and our speciality, “Pourpre de Charroux”, mustard with St-Pourçain grape juice.



• Products from the Benedictines of Chantelle: body lotion, dry oil, colognes and small bars of soap. € 6 to € 11

• Soaps by Belisama at Theneuille. Raw materials sourced from organic agriculture. The soaps are made entirely by hand by the ancestral method of cold saponification. Belisama offers twenty different soaps, such as Voie Lactée (Special fragile skin baby) Eveil de l'Esprit (captivating and stimulating), Détente (anti-stress and relaxation), soap Fée du Logis (disinfectant and anti-cooking odours), a huge choice!


• Les livres

Ma vie dans mon village, Jean-Louis Caron. The author, who has long been a baker in Bellenaves tells his stories The book is illustrated with reproductions of old postcards, class photos, period advertisements, etc.. Paperback, 54 pages. € 15


Mémoires de la Veauce notre rivière… de la Bosse à la Sioule, Raymond Bonnal. History of the river, mills, wash houses, local people, etc.. Paperback, 190 pages. € 25


Ricochets de Lumière sur la Bouble, Pascal Pinel. Photos and poems on the water. Paperback, 57 pages. € 22


Entre Sioule et Bouble à Tire-d’ailes, Jean-Jacques Vivier. Aerial views of villages in the area. Paperback, 110 pages. € 30


Bourbonnais, édition Tobias. A beautiful book of photographs and texts on the Allier department with its forests, fountains and ponds, megaliths, rivers, animals, and churches. Paperback, 240 pages. € 39.90


Les Economiques de l’Allier, Editions de l’Ormet. Broché, 92 pages. History of the Bourbonnais economy with archival photos, old postcards and a very informative text. € 15


De la Montagne bourbonnaise au Pays de Lapalisse, au gré des vents, Jean-Jacques Vivier Hardcover, 128 pages. € 15


• Hiker's corner

Val de Sioule hiking guidebook. 44 walks and hikes with IGN maps, description of the trails and points of interest. € 14


VTT'Sioule (mountain biking) map. 180 km of marked trails leaving from the mountain bike centre at le Vert Plateau. 13 circuits. € 3


GR Hiking Trail map of the Val de Sioule country. 80 km of marked paths. Walks over two to four days. € 3


GR Hiking Trail map of the road to Santiago de Compostela as it crosses the Bourbonnais country. 56 km of marked trails from Châtel de Neuvre to Ebreuil. € 3


The Salbrune educational trail. One kilometre in the forest, starting from the Vert Plateau at Bellenaves, with a booklet to explain appreciate the flora, fauna and landscapes. Ideal with children. There is a spectacular anthill on the way! € 4.50


Ten “Balad'Sioule” fact sheets. Each one offers a family hike (between 45 minutes and 2 hours) starting from one of the villages in the area. Map and descriptions of the trail.0 50 €


Two canoeing fact sheets. The principle is to hike from Jenzat to Ebreuil or from Ebreuil to Chouvigny, and return by canoe on the river Sioul. It is, without question, the best way to discover the Gorges de Sioule. € 1


Four trains + hike fact sheets. The principle is to hike out and return by train (or vice versa!). Four possibilities: Lapeyrouse to Louroux-de-Bouble / Louroux-de-Bouble to Bellenaves / Bellenaves to St Bonnet de Rochefort / St Bonnet de Rochefort to Gannat. This is the best way to discover the Eiffel viaducts, among other attractions. € 1



Local handmade costume jewellery 1 € to 15 €

• Necklaces and bracelets in macrame

• Rings