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Minor heritage

What is “Minor heritage”?

All the little details of life and history of a region, accumulated down the ages, leaving its traces in the culture and architecture, the land and objects of everyday life — all these things which slip through the classifications of National Heritage programmes — all these can be considered our Minor Heritage


“All tangible traces of the past or traditional or local practices now passed away.

Whatever their age, their size or who created them, what matters is the interest paid to these monuments. The link between the authentic, experience of our predecessors and our contemporaries is narrow — it is the expression, in any form, of those who have made the region and the country what it is, a living history, too ephemeral ever to claim glory.”


Included in this definition are:

  • the habitat
  • any object or principle related to daily activities
  • any construction related to a bygone profession
  • any building related to belief, rites or commemoration
  • all artistic production

Anything that reflects the human spirit in the broadest sense of creative practice, through the various customs and religious development inherent in all social life.

Minor heritage is also the natural wealth of our environment — time and the elements that shaped the landscape and the people who worked in it, the things of the countryside whose geological interest and beauty we wish to share.


Some examples of types of Minor Heritage:

  • Lavoirs (wash houses)
  • Fountains
  • Towers
  • Sundials
  • Wells
  • Chapels
  • Mills
  • Wayside crosses

A valuable inventory has been of items that have a relationship with water within our region. It has proved very exhaustive, with over a hundred elements identified.


In addition, several organizations have been set up with the aim of conserving, and in some cases restoring these local features.  Sauvegarde des Patrimoines de Naves enBourbonnais is one such association.


To discover our minor heritage, consult the file for each town and follow the signposted paths that will lead you to the right place.