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The great outdoors

Discover the natural environment with the experts...

*With "le Vert Plateau"

Nature walks organized by le Vert Plateau throughout the year. Its facilitators are available for groups of 10-25 people (already organised as groups) for nature walks around the natural sites of the Val de Sioule, the Forêt des Colettes or the Gorges de la Bouble. Feel free to visit their website  www.vert-plateau.com


*With "le Lézard Vert":

le Lézard Vert proposes:

  • exploring the secrets of nature, creating with nature, discovering the inhabitants of the natural world, dreaming of nature,
  • weekends and days out in the natural environment all year round, with different ideas depending on the season.

For more information visit www.lezard-vert.fr.


Discover the Sensitive Natural Areas of the region...

The department has initiated a proactive approach to preservation, restoration and recovery of the outstanding natural sites representative of its territory by adopting a policy called Sensitive Natural Areas.

This policy aims to work on sites identified as “of major interest” from an ecological, landscape or heritage standpoint.

The sites are managed, preserved and made available to the public by the General Council or its partners through specially tailored programs including brush clearing, path clearing, and the study and monitoring of flora and fauna.

At present, twelve Sensitive Natural Areas are subject to management programmes and are open to the public.

Two of them are located in the Sioule Colettes and Bouble area:-

At Ebreuil

- Les Coteaux de Sainte-Foy et des Bagnettes:

This site consists of two 79 hectare limestone hills on the outskirts of the town, separated by a dale. These hills were once the terraced for crop growing and pasture, which were gradually encroached upon by the surrounding environment. There is a great natural wealth, both for wildlife and plants. The remains of stone walls facing south are happy hunting grounds for for reptiles such as the green lizard. The dry, calcareous grasslands are home to around twenty orchid species, including the military orchid, which is threatened in the Allier département.



At Chouvigny

- Les Landes de Peraclos:

The Landes de Péraclos Senstitive Natural Area covers 21 hectares. The SNA has a strong heritage interest and a number of conservation issues.

The site is entirely within an area of land managed by the municipality. These moors are on a rural lease to a farming couple and are a site for common grazing of up to thirty Blanche du Massif Central sheep. The persistence of agricultural activities such as grazing has helped sustain a favourable conservation status for these habitats, especially on heathland and grasslands.

Overall the site has seven different natural habitats of which three are recognised at European level - especially the heathland - and is altogether a remarkable piece of terrain overlooking the Sioule gorge.


Note: this newly certified site will be undergoing development for tourism and public access soon.


See the PROGRAMME for 2013


Contacts Client Sites / Partners:

Municipality of Ebreuil:


Place de la Mairie

03450 Ebreuil

Tel: +33 (0)4 70 90 71 33


Municipality of Chouvigny:


Le bourg

03450 Chouvigny

Tel: +33 (0)4 70 90 41 17


Conseil Général of the Allier:

Hôtel du Département

1, avenue Victor Hugo BP 1669

03016 Moulins cedex

Tel: +33 (0)4 70 34 40 03 - www.allier.fr


Conservatoires des espaces naturels de l'Allier :

Tel: +33 (0)4 70 42 89 34



LPO Auvergne :

Tel: +33 (0)4 73 36 39 79