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The viaducts of the Bouble valley

In 1863, the Paris-Orleans Company (PO) obtained the Commentry-Gannat line concession. This track of 52 kilometres would require 1,133 meters of tunnel and seven viaducts.


Five viaducts were then constructed on the Val de Sioule under the authority of Nordling, Chief Engineer of the Company. Started in 1868 the work was delayed by the war of 1870, and was completed in 1871. Three of these viaducts, admirable for both  their architecture and history, can be visited in our area.


The Bouble viaduct

395 metres long and 66 metres high. This bridge was designed by M. Moreaux and built by Cail et Fives-Lille. It has a steel mesh decking 300 metres long, resting on five steel pylons, with arched stone abutments at either end.


The Belon viaduct

231 metres long and 49 metres high. Designed by Moreaux and built by Cail et Fives-Lille. A metal deck, on two metal pylons with stone abutments.

The viaduct of La Perrière

125 metres long and 34 metres high. This structure, built of granite extracted from La Bosse has eight arches, each twelve metres wide.


The Viaducts at Neuvial and Rouzat were built by Théophile Seyrig of the Eiffel company, on plans by Moreaux. The decks and pylons are similar to those at Belon and Bouble, resting on on stone pedestals. They are located on the neighbouring tourist area and overlook the Sioul valley.


The line between Commentry and Gannat opened on June 19, 1871. It quickly became an indispensable link between the coal mining activities of St Eloy les Mines and the forges at Commentry.


An exhibition on the three viaducts of the Bouble valley was opened in June 2011on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the commissioning of the Commentry-Gannat railway line. This exhibition regularly moves to different places to allow as many people to see it as possible. To find out where it has been installed during your stay, contact the Tourist Office Ebreuil. Entry free.