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bloc feuilles

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Welcome to the Combraille and Bourbon country, and in particular the “Sioule Colettes et Bouble” district, characterized by its numerous water courses and rivers.


The Sioul is the most important of these. It flows from its source at lake Servieres, across the Combrailles plateau to Chouvigny, where it has carved-out the beautiful and remarkable gorges. It then goes on its way calmly to Contigny where it joins the river Allier.


The Bouble is a much wilder river, running through our region to meet the Sioul in the town of Saint Pourçain.


Several streams also criss-cross the landscape, such as the Veauce and the Boublon, which all eventually rejoin either the Sioul or the Bouble.


On higher ground, at Echassières, you'll find the green heart of the territory – the forest of Colettes, covering approximately 2,000 hectares. Oak is the predominant tree species at lower altitudes, with beech, and higher still, fir trees.


On the heights of the village of Ebreuil, the site of Coteaux de Sainte Foy and Bagnettes has been classified by Ebreuil Town Hall and the General Council as a Sensitive Natural Area. An information leaflet is available, and nature walks are organized during the summer to help you discover it.


In an outstandingly beautiful setting, hawks, woodpeckers, beavers and trout share the natural environment with its human inhabitants.


Come and discover them all!